Q. Can I wear mascara on my extensions?

A. Most clients do not find it necessary to wear mascara once they have extensions. Lash extensions will give you a more noticable and fuller set of lashes than mascara ever will. However,  you can if you want to. 

Q. Can I get extensions if I wear glassess or contacts?

A. Yes. Since the extensions are placed directly on the lashes they do not interfere with contacts or glasses.

Q. How do I care for my new eyelash extensions?

A. Caring for your eyelash extensions is simple and easy. The less you fuss with them, the more you will love them. Simply clean them with baby shampoo on your fingertips periodically, and brush them when you would like them fanned out more. That's it!

Q. Can I have an allergic reaction to the glue?

A. The glue used is specially designed to use around the eyes and because of this VERY FEW people have allergic reactions to it. If signs of an allergic reaction begin the lashes are simply removed and Benadryl (or other antihistamine)  is taken until symptoms have resolved. 



Q. What is the purpose of fills?

A. At the time of the full set, extensions are applied to the eyelashes that are long enough to support them. However, there will be some new growth that will be too short. In a few weeks, when you come in for a fill, those new hairs will be mature enough to add an extention to. YAY!!

Q. What can I do to keep my extensions as full as possible.  

A. Several things...... the less you touch them the better. You want avoid getting any type of oil on them. Back sleeping is preferred, then side sleeping. Try to avoid stomach sleeping as this can cause them to fall out sooner.  

Q. Do eyelash extensions hurt your natural eyelashes?

A. If applied correctly eyelash extensions do not hurt your natural lashes or make them fall out. As with most esthetic services, if you go to someone who has not been properly trained you could have undesirable outcomes. You can learn more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPwDqxD90lc